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March 22, 2007
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The Stages of 300 by thaddeous The Stages of 300 by thaddeous
I always like to see the steps of a picture, and so figured I would post up the steps of what 300 looked like throughout its progress.

Day 1: Started with a rough sketch of everything to get the placement right, then experimented with Opacity and stunned myself with how awesome I got the king's face to look. Was then equally stunned as I worked out the arm, cape, and pendant thing. Had trouble getting to sleep that night.

Day 2: Came back with a fury and did the king's chest. After finding out that the realistic look I was getting with this Opacity shading was no fluke, I redid the face and almost had a heartattack as I looked upon something I knew I would never have been able to draw in a million years.

Day 3: Pondered how to come at the shield, and ended up just tapping dots onto my Wacom for a couple hours after the other brush settings came up short in my opinion. My patience was tested, along with my sanity as I dotted the crap out of the shield in a multitude of colors. After I got it looking good enough, I started to work on the Spartan troops.

Day 4: Finished the Spartan troops, got lazy and wanted to quit for the day but pushed myself to do the Arcadians too.

Day 5/Finished: The most frustrating and mind-numbing part - making the rain look like rain. As stated earlier, I couldn't get any special brushes to look quite right, and so resorted to guerilla tactics, tapping my Wacom with a fury, streaking parts and blurring others. Finally finished after much longer than expected.

Here's hoping someone thinks this is cool. :]
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this is blasted amazing.

I loved this movie to pieces.

Blasted amazing?! Only now do I see how lame my own lingo is :)

Thank you very much for the fav.
Why thank you very much!
You are lucky to have this talent. I wouldn't know how to even START going about this...
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